Infinity Distribution

Infinity Distribution is one of the major distributors of imported luxury brands. Our company has more than 9 years of experience in the distribution business as well as retail chains.

Infinity Distribution is a privately owned international trading and distribution company has exclusive distribution rights for a wide variety of internationally well-known brands from around the world. Infinity Distribution is perceived by the local community as a strong and innovative commercial entity.Infinity Distribution’s unique position in the market place is its expertise in distribution wholesale and the marketing . Company rises within the industry as a leader and row model in this industry. This enables our company not only to build brands but also to use its resources to ensure profitability for each individual brand.

Infinity Distributior’s marketing plans are continuously being fine-tuned, to take into consideration the needs and wants of an ever changing market place. Furthermore, the company is aware of the requirements of socially and morally conscious corporations in today's society, as to the promotion and consumption of the high end brands. We are always looking at better ways to market our brands and be present at the consumers point of purchase to  influence the consumer to purchase our brands. The key to any marketing campaign is being present at the point of  sale and then make sure that the consumer is aware that we are present at each particular location.